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Hand Therapy

Hand Therapists are qualified Occupational Therapists or Physiotherapists who have become skilled in treating upper limb injuries and conditions through further education, training and clinical experience. Hand Therapy uses techniques from both the traditional occupational and physiotherapy disciplines to provide comprehensive care for the upper limb.

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Our Techniques

Techniques that may be used in your therapy include:

  • Wound care, include dressing changes and removing sutures/staples

  • Oedema (swelling) management

  • Custom made thermoplastic splinting, both static and dynamic

  • Casting

  • Scar management

  • Desensitisation and sensory retraining

  • Exercise therapy, including home exercise programs

  • Self-management strategies, such as joint protection for arthritis

  • Continuous passive motion (CPM) machine use

  • Use of modalities, such as ultrasound, laser and TENS.

Hand Therapy
Hand Therapy - Cast

Conditions We Treat

Some of the common conditions we treat include:

  • Fractures and dislocations

  • Sprains and Soft tissue injuries

  • Joint, ligament and tendon injuries

  • Trigger finger

  • Mallet finger

  • De Quervains Tenosynovitis

  • Dupuytren's Disease

  • Ganglions

  • Overuse injuries

  • Arthritis and other inflammatory conditions

  • Nerve damage

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